A downloadable game

In Space Scavenger, you are droid sent down to explore and salvage a spaceship taken over by an evil AI.

  • How to play:
  • Mouse to shoot
  • WASD to move up,down,left,right
  • Q to drop inventory items
  • Up/Down keys or mouse scroll to switch between items
  • I to hide inventory
  • Press and hold space on initial item and move to second item to switch the two.
  • Number keys (above keyboard) to switch between inventory slots.

Navigate to the blue square, this square will launch you even deeper into the spaceship. You have to destroy walls with rocket launchers. Your initial weapons are pretty bad, but you will get more by destroying the big enemies, or killing more than 80% of the enemies to get a bonus. Before using them on the battlefield, you will have to test out the weapons first because you won't know how good they are.

Music is "Drawn in the Sky" by Jeremy "mangopear" Bell, composed specifically for this 7DRL entry.

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Install instructions

Download, unzip and double click if on Mac or Windows. If you are on Linux you must have Love 0.9.1 or higher to run the .love file.


SpaceScavenger-macosx-x64.zip 12 MB
SpaceScavenger.love 1 MB
SpaceScavenger-win32.zip 4 MB
SpaceScavenger-win64.zip 5 MB